Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ramadan Bites of Wisdom (8)


Hi all,

We have come to day 8. Let's ponder over these words of wisdom. Hope you appreciate the 'Ramadan Bites' as much as we do.

All the videos on Al Falah TV were edited by one petite young lady in our team but her talent is extraordinary. Only Allah is able to reckon the kind of hasanah she will get from her work. May Allah increase her in knowledge and may we love the young and respect the old among us.

p/s God bless my mom with good health and a long healthy life. She literally single handedly cooked a wonderful iftar for us today. Alfu alfu Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah. 

When I was at the hospital a few days ago, I found a stranger, a woman crying on my mother's shoulder and was holding my mother's hands like a child. I later learned that she had just been told by our doctor that she need to get both her breasts removed as she's suffering from Stage 1 cancer. She was sobbing thinking about her predicament and that she does not a have a mother to whom she could turn to at this darkest hour of her life : (

Let's pray Allah will grant her strength, patience and acceptance of His Divine decree. Ameen.

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