Monday, July 27, 2015

Stay focused


Alhamdulillah, that I am able to stay focused on my work even though some not-so-normal people tried to shake up my equilibrium. We are not answerable to mortals whether we are right, sincere, grateful or whatever. We just have to keep moving ahead and keep striving until our last day.

To our Malay readers, here is the second part of the lecture by Dr Danial Zainal Abidin held at Masjid Al-Bukhary KL where he talked about the signs of the Last Day. It is fast approaching so let's just stay focused on important matters, as said Dr Danial in this video, acting upon priority areas is a fiqh in itself, in Arabic it's known as Fiqh al-Awlawiyat. He also encouraged each household to keep Tafsir Ibn Kathir and Tafsir Al-Azhar by Hamka (the late Indonesian Sufi and Philosopher). Dr Danial in all his lectures would always propagate tadabbur of the Quran instead of mere recitation or memorization.

Tafsir Al Azhar by Hamka
[a complete collection belonging to a friend of mine]

May Allah continue to guide us, protect us and grant us husnul khatimah. Ameen.

I leave you with these profound words I came to know from a brother whom I respect. He got it from an article of a blog []:

''Imagine that death is an entity that walks just out of your vision, behind your left shoulder. It's ok, you can look over your shoulder and if you look really carefully (squint your eyes), you may just see him. He is a faithful companion and is always with you...every second of your existence. One day, he'll come forward and tap you on your shoulder and whisper gently into your ear, 'It's time.'' 


Last but not least, this is something I have just found (a late addition to this posting). It's a lesson shared on Muwasala FB, about making salawat to the Prophet (s.a.w) and invoking one of Allah's Beautiful Names Al Jami:

'O Allah, O Uniter bestow abundant prayers and peace upon Your slave and beloved, our Master Muhammad, the Prophet who gathered Your secrets and upon his family and companions, and by him combine for me all the good and felicity of both abodes and unite my affairs and allow me to focus completely upon You.'

اللَّهُمَّ يا اللهُ يا جَامِع صَلِّ على عَبْدِكَ و حَبِيبِكَ سَيِّدِنا مُحَمَّدٍ النَّبِيِّ الجامِع لِأَسْرَارِكَ و على آلِهِ و صَحْبِهِ و سَلِّمْ تَسْلِيماً واجْمَعْ لي بِهِ بَيْنَ خَيْراتِ و سَعَاداتِ الدَّارَيْنِ واجْمَعْ بِهِ شَمْلي اجْمَعْني بِهِ عَلَيْكَ جَمْعاً

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