Friday, July 24, 2015

Green tower -- Black spider


Jummah Mubarak folks!

This is the second Friday in Syawal. We all still can't let go of the laidback Eid mood can we?

Even the KL Tower is still in its baju raya [Eid dress], I have never seen it wearing green before. I was watching a TV program on TV Al Hijrah tonight where two ustaz and a bright articulate host talked about parables from the Quran. About God using parables of a mosquito, spider, ant, bee etc.

Interesting point they made about spider, how female spiders would get rid of their males because she wants to be in control. One lesson we could learn from this parable according to the ustaz is that in a family where a woman tries to act as leader and dominate the husband, the family sure is bound for destruction. 

Gosh! May we be spared from black spiders, black magic woman, and people who are always green with envy at other people.

KL Tower 'wearing' green


Folks, I ask you to pray for one poor man whose wife made him sleep in the car yesterday. He can't seem to free himself from her dominance.

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