Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Precious discoveries ~ Precious moments


We all have seen something similar forwarded to us - images of things which have some sacred writings on them. But this was my first time holding such an object. I'm not sure what it looks like to you though.

I saw it while visiting a close friend during Eid. We have known each other since we were seven. We attended the same primary and secondary schools. Unlike me, this friend of mine is a pious and patient lady. She often dreamed of me and my mother somehow. Once, when she was in Mecca for the first time, she had a vivid dream of me and my mother. And the latest dream was on the night before I arrived in Penang during the last week of Ramadan. She texted me telling about her dreams the night before, that she saw me and my mother in Penang. The dream appeared so real she said. MashaAllah, indeed we had just arrived that morning.

I feel blessed to have special friends like her. Her husband has a small orchard in the southwest part of Penang island and this unique cucumber (pic below) was harvested from their orchard. Subhanallah!


Another sweet memory captured during this year's Eid was seeing the shy grin on Datuk Shaykh Abdullah Bukhari's face when I showed a video of him which was recorded in Syaaban. He seemed pleased and quite surprised to be able to listen to his own speech, that the audio was good despite some health issues he's having, particularly his larynx. It's almost impossible to comprehend him even if you were to sit at his feet. But thanks to the Sennheiser lapel microphone we used, the audio turned out really well. Datuk Shaykh Abdullah Bukhari told us about a certain doctor who could help him recover his voice bi-iznillah. Let us all pray so that Allah will grant him cure and sihah wal afiah. Datuk Shaykh Abdullah Bukhari is a go-to religious person in Penang. He had been serving as imam at Masjid Kapitan Keling since 1976 and only relinquished the role early this year due to health reasons.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV28C6CDUDc

And on a personal level, I discovered something that puts a smile on my face. Found it at the back patio of my house in Penang. Now, how many of you still keep your first school bag?

I do! Actually, I didn't know I still have it. We are talking about my first school bag when I entered primary school in 1977! That's 38 years ago. And the name sticker on the bag was specially made by my late father. We chose this bag together. Allah blessings be upon my late father. Allah blessings be upon all the fathers out there who work hard to give a good education to their children.

Folks, let's cherish every little moment, every precious lil thing. It's all God-given. "In His Hand, is all good." (Quran 3:26)

Let's pray for all the wonderful people in our lives who bring out the good in us. And pray may Allah protect us from people who bring out the worse in us. Ameen.

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