Saturday, July 4, 2015

Ramadan Bites of Wisdom (17)


Alhamdulillah for the facilitation and strength from the Lord for us to be consistent until Day 17, so far. This video for Day 17 is special, in my opinion, because it has got a collection of duá by Ghawth al Azam during the Ramadan tausiyah he made in 545 AH.

Concluding the selection of du'a, is one 'particularly meaningful petition made by Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al Jilani: 
"O Allah may I benefit from what I have to say,
and let them benefit from what I am saying,
and they are hearing."

We cannot be sure if we could ever fully adhere to all his advice. We hope by mentioning the name of solehin, people who are near to Allah, pray so that Allah's mercy will descend upon us. We sure hope that we will one day be able to fully put to use the Shaykh's sayings. Ameen.

Apologies for this delayed posting as I was out and about for a unique Ramadan experience called Iftar@KL where Muslims and non-Muslims alike gather at the historic Dataran Merdeka field for iftar, Maghrib, Isya and Teraweh prayers. 

Reserved 'seating area' for tahfiz students
which double as prayer area for the public.
The imam for the Maghrib, Isya and Teraweh prayers
was Shaykh Hussam from Saudi Arabia
who replaced the grand Shaykh of Masjidil Haram
- Shaykh Abdul Rahman Sudais
who could not make it to the event. 

Ramadan Mubarrak!

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