Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ramadan Bites of Wisdom (21)


In this Ramadan Bites of Wisdom, the honorable Ghawth Al Azam teaches us to make this simple plea:

help me,
give me patience
and grant me relief.


On a lighter note, I wish at least 10 people would read this posting. Why?

Because one doctor I visited recently, a non-Muslim lady doctor asked me to make a pledge. She said, 'Girl, this will be your Ramadan service. You must make a pledge to go tell at least ten people, tell them that they should stop using plastic bags. You must care for the environment because two people die of dengue every day. Why? Because plastic bags are everywhere and that's bad for the environment. When you are at the cashiers, when they ask you if you need plastic bags, you must answer loudly, 'No, I don't use plastic bags.' You must let people around you hear you so that they know you are a civilized woman. Now you take this recycle bag as a gift from me. I am a doctor, yes my duty is to treat you but I am also responsible to help curb diseases by educating people about health and the environment. So now you say: 'I pledge. I will tell 10 people about this.'

So, I repeated after her.
So there.
Folks, please bring your own bag when you go shopping at the Ramadan Bazaar, the grocers, anywhere, all the time. InshaAllah.

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