Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Smallish bounties - Hefty contentment


How could we ever measure or enumerate the bounties from our Lord? Nay.

Alhamdulillah another 'sea of my sins' has been wiped away, thanks to another group of guests. So what did I learn from them? That what you have in your hands only become meaningful when you extend it to your friends/guests - genuine polite people of course, and not impersonators or gate crashers.

Ah...I did not realize how beautiful and special the Asmaul Husna artwork on my wall until I saw the look on my guests' faces when they stood admiring and studying it, mashaAllah how true the sayings: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

When truthful people express their excitement, you could feel their truthful vibes. Their presence are not smallish bounties. They leave behind tranquility at my home, and their unseen gift to the host is in the form of hefty contentment.

Speaking of truthfulness, yesterday I learned the root word for one the Prophet's 805 names as listed in Kitab Barakat Makkiyah. Apparently, the name Al-Musoddaq appears twice in the kitab but it's not an unintentional slippage. The root word for that name is sadaq or siddiq meaning truthful. This I learned from a knowledgeable and pious friend of mine. The Prophet's name Al Musoddaq (s.a.w) shares the same root word as Sadaqallah al-Azim - Allah the Almighty has said the truth.

What more than truth can there be as far as His beloved is concerned? Perhaps the Prophet salallah alaihi wasalam is twice a Prophet, twice Al Amin hence twice his name Al Musoddaq gets mentioned in the kitab per chance alluding to two different scenarios where Al Amin is as truthful as truthful can be. 

Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad habibur Rahman adadama yaqun wama qodkan.
O Allah, bestow Your prayers upon our Master Muhammad, the beloved of the Most Compassionate, to the number of things that will be and that were.

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