Thursday, September 24, 2015

Eid Mubarak \ Eidul Adha 2015


AsSalam dear respected readers,

Alhamdulillah we should be grateful that we are able to spend the Eid in a harmonious and happy state compared with those who are less fortunate, those whose countries are in dire circumstances.

Personally, Eidul Adha is the only day I could mingle with the fuqara and masakin. They are in fact blessed people because they make you feel humbled and contented just being around them. 

There was a couple of small incident during the qurban program at Penang State Mosque today. The thing which I feared most actually happened. One cow escaped and ran amok! Luckily it was not for long and good that the mosque's bilal who acted as emcee did a splendid job. He's hilarious, so half a day spent at the mosque was all worth it. The imam himself was humble enough to help pack my family's meat portion. MashaAllah

Because most of the cows were pretty moody, I did not dare get close, except for this timid looking buddy, but still within safe distance LOL.


My family's cow.
This guy is not from Malaysia, I was told.
Rough looking chap.

You all know the hadith narrating the virtues of participating in qurban, that the first drop of the person's qurbani animal actually brings about forgiveness for a person's sins and that it will be a cause for the person's scales of deed to increase manifold.

It's amazing the bonus the Lord has in store on 9th Zulhijjah for those who fast and then on the 10th, we are being offered more pardon and rewards. Indeed Allah is Most-Forgiving and His bounties are plentiful.

Eid Mubarrak.

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