Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hazy city -- enchanting pursuit


Good morning folks.

It's extremely hazy in my city - KL. That pic below was taken this morning. Hope the air is clear in your country. But sometimes haze is good you know as said a French journalist Antoine Rivarol:

Of course it's nice to have a splash of enchantment to spice up a normal mundane daily activity. So what are you pursuing today?

Saturday is a full working day for me and my small team at Exa Publishing. We are quietly planting seeds for 2016. We don't give a damn if some people drop us from a project just because we are small and new. Oh well, at least we know the difference between an artwork and a bad manuscript. And we know that 'professionality' is NOT a word, professionalism is.

I was reading Donald Trump's book 'Think Like a Champion' last night. He quoted a very inspiring line by Victor Hugo: 
'There is one thing stronger 
than all the armies of the world, 
and that is 
an idea 
whose time has come.'

Absolutely love it!

Have a greaaat Saturday folks : )

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