Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Trust - Tausiyah by Habib Omar Al-Jufri


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah, Allah is indeed Kareem. I have not been able to attend majlis ilm as regularly as before. One of the reasons is because I would rather spend time with my dearest mother who has just turned 76! Alhamdulillah for this great blessing of being able to spend decades of my life with her. I humbly ask you my dear friends/genuine readers of this blog to please make duá so that my mother will continue to have good health and a happy meaningful life; that she and I could go perform hajj soonest; that I would be able to fulfill her every wish to the best of my abilities. Ameen.

In this tausiyah [Btw the shaykh speaks in English! Yahu!] Habib Omar Al Jufri says it's better to be of service to one's mother than attend majlis ílm or go for jihad in a battle. I feel fortunate and regard it as Allah's generous gesture upon me this faqir that even though I'm not able to attend as many majlis taalim as I wanted to, I get to watch recordings of many tausiyah before anyone gets to see it on Al Falah TV Youtube channel. Allah Kareem! Allah Kareem! May Allah bless each one of the team members for making this possible. May Allah reward you abundantly and accept our deeds. Ameen.

Habib Omar Al Jufri begins his tausiyah with a weighty statement:
'Allah subhanahuwataála owns everything, decides everything, does everything, whether we believe it or not, whether we feel it or not. If we don't have trust in Allah, who can we trust? If you don't trust Allah, you cannot trust anybody, you cannot trust even yourself.'

'Good or bad will happen. If you accept what happens, Allah will be happy and grant you everything you desire. If you don't accept what happens, you cannot do anything about it. You will be sad and get nothing. You will lose ar-Rahmah and ar-Ridwan or acceptance from Allah. If we don't accept what Allah makes to us, we can't do anything about it. It is not in our hands to change the will of Allah, to change our destiny, whether we like it or we dislike it.'

Of course, in Allah we trust.

Like many of you out there, I have come across all kinds of characters and circumstances, but at the end of the day, having trust in Allah, always bring about a good outcome. Bi-iznillah.

It's like this saying a dear friend sent to me:
"Life is like the ocean. It can be calm or still, and rough or rigid, but in the end, it is always beautiful.''

How can life not be beautiful, when it is He who gives us life? How can life be not beautiful when it is He who orchestrates, guides and cares for us?

Subhan is Allah.

Wish yáll a blessed first-ten-days of Zulhijjah.


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