Saturday, October 10, 2015

Exa Eza Ezza


AsSalamualaikum folks,

Here's wishing you a pleasant weekend.

Like most of you, I am busy dividing my time between so many spaces online and offline and I can't help but think about trying to do 200 posts a year for this blog. It ain't easy as I've got more things on my plate now. 

So I  pray for one quintillion helpers; one quintillion dollars; one trillion dollars; one billion dollars; one million dollars. Perhaps I should go repeat the mantra: exa exa exa.... a million times. LOL.

You know what's touching? It touched my heart when many old friends insisted on spelling my name Ezza even though I have been officially using Eza lately, just so that people don't spell my full name wrongly. It should be Eza-tulhada and not Ezza-tulhada. It matters, especially in the corporate world, to spell people's full name correctly.

What's with the double z and single z, you may ask. To me it shows that they remembered who I was and yet still respect my choice and accept me for what I am. And I appreciate that. It's important that we respect people's choice, respect people's names and try very hard to remember the correct spelling of their names.

Oh by the way, please help to promote Exa Publishing Facebook. Do invite your friends to like our FB page. We are currently working on two projects which we hope to release in Quarter 1, 2016 inshaAllah. Here's one pic borrowed from Exa Publishing Facebook.

Let's all seize the weekend : )

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