Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Not meant to be | Meant to be


Assalamualaikum folks,

On a lighter note, before we go melodramatic : D it amazes me that there's a Muslim soda brand from Austria that contains Habatus Sauda. It's called Sultan Cola. I discovered it at Muslim Biz Forum today. Tasted good methinks. What a unique and surprising combo: Austria + Muslim product + Soda + Black seeds. Who would have thought?


You might have read the previous posting about my participation at a Dawra on Kitab As-Syamail by Shaykh Mohammed Abu Bakar Daniel last weekend. Shaykh Daniel is a British who migrated to Syria some 14 years ago and spent his life travelling and studying. He has obtained ijazah from over 400 scholars. As the founders of Cordoba Academy UK, Shaykh Daniel and his wife have, for over the past six years, taught 6000 students worldwide. The Shaykh is by far the most accessible scholar I have ever known.

His students who graduated from the dawra have the privilege of being in the same Whatsapp group as him. Can you believe that? I never imagined being in the same Whatsapp group with a shaykh, let alone a reputable scholar who is super busy globe trotting. He responds to our questions and concerns fairly quickly, in a warm friendly manner. MashaAllah.

Masjid Hussain, Seremban 2

Prior to the dawra which started on Friday afternoon at Masjid Hussain in Seremban 2 (one and a half hour drive south of KL) I happened to be in Seremban (neighboring township) for work purposes. Yes Seremban and Seremban 2 are twin towns. No, we do not have KL 2, in case you're wondering. 

What I am trying to get at is that Allah is Ar-Rahim Al-Wadud. He has to send me to Seremban for work or it might have been inconvenient for me to attend the dawra. Weak people like me need an extra push you see. God knows I need extra help. So the Divine plan was: Send her to work in Seremban on Wed, Thu and Fri morning, put her up at a cozy hotel and then on Fri afternoon, all she needs to do is drive for 20 minutes to get to Masjid Hussain and get some good education. LOL.

Allah is ever Generous and Compassionate.
I first bought Kitab As-Syamail in April 2013 when I attended a dawra at a masjid in KL. I had bought an extra copy for an acquaintance I met virtually. I thought as someone who seemed to be on the same path, that person would appreciate it. Thus I wrote a little something on the front page of the kitab and signed it. And then opportunity arose for me to meet that person abroad. So I gladly brought the kitab along with several other books as gifts because we are book lovers. But somehow... that person didn't turn up. So I had to carry all the valuable books back to KL.

To cut the story short, I eventually got to meet the person whom I was supposed to meet overseas, but sadly this person did not bother about the sanctified kitab I wanted to gift himTherefore, with a heavy heart I tore the page on which I had written and signed. This took place in 2013.

When I learned about the Dawra on Kitab As-Shamail, I thought this was a good opportunity to give away that extra kitab. I was planning to pass it to the organizer as gift for anyone who might need it, but I didn't, as I rushed to join the majlis. So there it was, kept in my bag, as I sat underneath those pretty chandeliers at Masjid Hussain together with the other ladies. And then all of a sudden, a woman turned toward me inquiring about the kitab, whispering. ''Where did you get it? It's sold out at the Registration Counter."

"Wait..." I replied as I dug my tote bag looking for that rather ''historic" copy - the Kitab As-Syamail which flew out of KL with me in an aeroplane and back.

I quickly flipped the hardcover and pointed out the torn page to the lady, "Do you mind this?"
"No, not at all" she said with a look of disbelief on her face. Perhaps, not expecting the offer.
"Then please take it, Bismillah..."
"How much?" she asked.
"No...no need...please...Bismillah take it," I gestured.

The expression on the lady's face, to me, was priceless. It's as though the words gratitude and relief were written on her forehead and cheeks. Relieved that she got the very thing she needed and wanted. Her whole face lit up. She then fell into silence and choked up with emotions before turning to me saying: "Could you please write your name so I can make a prayer for you?"

MashaAllah tabarakallah! That brief meaningful exchange...in an instant, wiped off all the hurt and pain in my heart - the fact that the kitab did not get to the person it was intended for; that I had carried it so far; the frustration, thinking how can a person not appreciate a precious book about the Prophet salallah alaihi wasalam?!


Allah Ar-Rahim is He. When He inflicts upon your fragile heart a deep wound which is starting to become an old scar, He heals you with the best balm there can be, unexpectedly. There it was, underneath the mosque dome, at a sacred setting, in a blessed majlis where ahadith were being recited, on a blessed Ashura Day...there, He the Most Kind and Compassionate Lord, healed me. Subhanallah!

Subahanallah! Walhamdulillah!
Wa lailaha illallah Wallahu Akbar!


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