Monday, October 19, 2015

Seeing light in darkness


AsSalamualaikum folks,

Hope you have had a sunny Sunday, as bright as my day, despite the fact that it's still hazy in KL. Alhamdulillah.

Am compelled to scribble a lil something, having seen the traffic feed. Thought somebody might be expecting something on this space.

Indeed, the eyes of our hearts must remain open and strive to see light, even in darkness; see brightness amidst the grey murky haze. 

Am reminded of one special moment in January 2013, when I experienced an avalanche of love and adoration for Habib Umar bin Hafiz. It was at the premiere of a film about his travels in Fez.
It felt as though the habib's bright spirit (nur) had engulfed me to the bones that I was able to transcribe what he was saying even in darkness. 

Love is like the sun, it radiates in all directions and leaves its warmth on every inch of the earth. Love is the truth, so much so that when it arrives, falsehood has got no other option but to give way. I'm not that well versed on Quranic verses, but this one line I know by heart:
Qul ja al haqqu wa zahaqa bathil. 
Innal bathila kaana zahu qa
And say, truth has arrived, and falsehood perished. 
For falsehood is bound to perish.
[Quran: 17:81]


Speaking of falsehood, I think you can trick/lie/scheme most of the time, or some of the time. But you can't possibly do that all the time or all the way. That's because no matter how smart you think you are at plotting and scheming, don't forget, Allah plans too and He executes. Surely Allah is the Best Planner and what He orchestrates shall prevail. The person at whom you are scheming, is His servant. Do you not think He loves His servant? Do you not believe that Allah will protect him/her? Dare you think Allah will let a mortal have an upper hand on His servants? Dare you regard yourself a better planner or schemer than God? Is it you who hold him/her by the forelock, or is it the Lord?

"Indeed, there is no creature
but He holds it by the forelock."
Maa min dabbatin illa huwa
akhizun bina siyatiha

Sadaqallah al-Azim.


Wonder what happened to Mr. Sayacivale who left the comment on that posting?!

BTW I learned a new word on Dictionary Day (16 Oct).
Skulduggery = dishonest behavior/trickery.
Let's try make a sentence of that word.
May Allah send people who are involved in skulduggery of any kinds, to the hospital to get some psychiatric treatment. Or perhaps their clans get hospitalized or something, so they would start realizing they are mortals after all and thus should think twice if they want to engage in skulduggery ever again.

Click here to learn 10 wonderful words, in conjunction with Dictionary Day:

One of the 10 words is desiccated. And that's the only 1 word I knew out of the 10 bombastic words suggested by Grammarly.

Had I not helped my mother in the kitchen, I would not have known the word desiccated. We used desiccated coconut for one of our family's favorite cookie recipe. I remembered vividly the label on the can - desiccated coconut. [This took place in the '70s/'80s.]

: D

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