Saturday, October 31, 2015

Set-the-day | Masjid Hussain Seremban 2


Assalamualaikum folks,
Good Morning! Let's set-the-day in the right mood. Let's set the tone right. It's Saturday all right.

A typical Saturday for me is about express Spring cleaning at Exa Publishing office while waiting for my team to arrive. Because I can't do it quick enough, it's common for them to see their unpaid Boss vacuum-ing or mopping the floor. It's the least I could do to honor them because they are istiqamah (regular) in reading Kitab Barakat Makkiyah every morning as soon as they arrive.

Shouldn't say ''unpaid" because there's NO beneficial/good deed that escapes the eyes of the Master Accountant who is the ultimate Paymaster - Allah subhanahu wa taala. He will provide. He will reward accordingly. Bi-iznillah.

Looks like I'm gonna be late again cos I am stealing time to blog and listening to a Malay song. LOL.
Now will the non-Malay readers excuse me for a minute.

Sayangku...tahukah kau di dalam hatiku ini
tersimpan perasaan cinta nan suci
kau bunga
ingin ku sunting mu menjadi milik ku
lantas ku abadikan dalam jiwa ku

Hah hah....that's an old Malay love song ; )


Anyway, I'm supposed to be writing about Masjid Hussain and some reflections from the dawra on Kitab As-Syamail which I had attended last weekend. But let's first talk about Masjid Hussain.

Masjid Hussain in Seremban 2, Malaysia, in my eyes, is gorgeous because it is beautiful in its simplicity. Wish the architect and interior designer would come across this posting so they'll know their hardwork and attention to details, are noticed and appreciated. Perhaps they had carried out their jobs with taqwa, cos I could feel it.

I noticed the color scheme chosen yaqni white is not just for the exterior. The outer walls and the dome are all in seamless white almost like the stunning Masjid Quba in Madinah. White has also been chosen for notice board frames, cupboards, fans, Bose speakers, chairs (appreciate that the chairs for those who pray in sitting position, are not the usual colorful plastic chairs or the random small folded stools, but are big and sturdy and in matching white). I noticed and appreciate that the carpet is plain without busy distracting patterns. The red carpet looks sophisticated and not some cheap-looking red; the lines for marking the saf are thin, thus avoid the confusion most people have on where exactly to place their heels. 

Yes I noticed all the little things : )

Also noticed the mimbar is not that high; that the marble chosen for the mihrab is in subtle grey and wall decors in black and gold contrast enhance the simple choices made in the overall interior design. The main chandelier is not overly grand and looks easy to maintain; the pendant light along the corridor and the matching wall lights are also pretty neat. The Resource Center and Madrasah are well equipped, also with white furniture fittings. 

I fell in love with Masjid Hussain at the first sight. Upon entering and noticing all the small details mentioned above, I love it even more. Also appreciate the clever layout and that it is wheelchair friendly; the fact that they have brought the outdoor inside for the women's wudhu area; that there is a proper room for telekung (prayer garments) and not just place them in cupboards in the same prayer area hence avoid the mess. 

Was also impressed that the built-in shelves for Al-Quran and Tafsir were properly measured so 19 copies of the Quran and 20 Tafsir could fit neatly in the shelves. [Yes, I counted!] As though they even thought about the exact Quran and Tafsir to buy and know the thickness of the books, mashaAllah!

There's something special about the mosque. It's not as magnificent as the world-famous mosques abroad, but I am of the view that Masjid Hussain's simplicity truly defines its beauty. 

The fact that I have had a wonderful experience learning hadith for three days in a row at the mosque, makes me love Masjid Hussain even more.

People say ''I left my heart in San Francisco" and I agree with that, having visited the charming city countless times during my student days. But now I will say: I left my heart at Masjid Hussain : )

Dawra Kitab As-Syamail at Masjid Hussain
with Shaykh Mohammed Daniel
23 - 25 Oct 2015
White folding chairs at Masjid Hussain
White furniture and fittings all over Masjid Hussain
Resource Center at Masjid Hussain
Can't help but noticed the banquet chairs chosen are off-white.
They could have chosen the commonly found red/blue,
but they took the trouble to stick to the color scheme.  
Corridor at Masjid Hussain

I encourage all of you to set a date and go visit Masjid Hussain in Seremban 2.


No, I'm not marrying Pak Hussain's son. LOL.
Wish yáll a pleasant Saturday.

Am going back to singing that Malay song:
Sayangku...tahukah kau di dalam hatiku ini...
tersimpan perasaan cinta nan suci...

: D

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