Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Worth writing AND worth reading


Assalamualaikum folks,
Our dear respectable visitors/readers,

If you have been reading books on management or self-development, you will know that it's now about AND and no more OR.

Still, that quote by Ben Franklin is inspiring. He encourages us to write something worth reading or do something worth writing about. Of course he's saying if you can't do one good thing, then try do the other thing that's worth doing. But why not do both.

Anything that's written with honesty and truthfulness will usually come across as a worthy reading material. And it will usually last for quite a long time. Bi-iznillah. That, and everything else which got hammered on this public notice board, is a reminder to myself. 

We'll never know how a written/spoken word can impact a soul. But Allah in His Eternal Wisdom already told us the parable of a good word like a firm-rooted tree whose branches could grow sky-high, it's a tree that bears plenty of fruits.

A couple of years ago, I did something worth writing about - meeting with Muslims in Cambodia. I'm not sure if I did write about my interview with the Mufti of Cambodia. We wanted to publish the interview but the footage had gone bad, unfortunately. I am mentioning this now because one respected reader just wrote in saying she would like to visit the less fortunate Muslims in Cambodia. Let's pray so that Allah will fulfill her good intention. She is a super busy person, yet her heart seems to be with people who might be touched by her care and love, literally, because she is a medical doctor.

My travel goals have changed somewhat due to my involvement with Exa Publishing so I'm not sure I'll be going to that part of the world again anytime soon. Anyhow here's a pic of yours truly and the Mufti of Cambodia during the interview.

Wish yáll a happy and blessed NEW year - it's 1st of Muharram tomorrow. May the new year be a whole lot better than ever before. May we meet inspiring people who bring out the best in us. May we be protected from harm. May we do more things that are worth writing about. Ameen.


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