Saturday, November 7, 2015

Spirited Away | Weekend get-away


Hi folks,

Here's wishing all Malaysians a happy long weekend : )
My long weekend will officially begin in a few hour's time and yet half of the cake is already gone LOL. 

Today, the team at Exa Publishing had fun watching Hayao Miyazaki's splendid craft - his mega successful film Spirited Away. The film is loaded with richly colored scenes that are made up of amazing amount of details. On the spiritual aspect, it is decorated with plenty of empathy and goodwill. Miyazaki is a maestro of his domain.

And our creative spirits got invigorated away!  

Blogging away on another pleasant Saturday

OK people, see ya when I see ya ; )


Like a kid, I got excited that my small bunch of purple orchids
match the color of KL Tower
: D
Good nite folks!
Happy Holidays!

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