Monday, November 9, 2015

Succession of little things that are brought together


This beautiful morning, I was inspired to put together the poster below. It stemmed from reading yet another exciting article from Brain Pickings. Yes of course, it's ok to pick another person's brain. I am cool about people picking my brain should they find any worth in it. I was watching a documentary on Steve Jobs yesterday and saw how he sort of picked an idea from Xerox re constructing a computer mouse. Brain pickings are common.

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Oh by the way, when I was at a dawra on Kitab As-Syamail, I heard Shaykh Mohammed Daniel said it's ok to quote from non-Muslims. It's a relief to hear that because there are just too many 'holier than thou' people who think they are the most righteous Muslim and everyone else is just a second class citizen or hell-bound so we can't learn from anyone except righteous Muslims.

Pray Allah protects us from being surrounded by such spiritually myopic people. It's important that we surround ourselves with people who are positive because we are, as the expert says, an average of five people with whom we spend most of our time with.

All right. While it's ok to pick another person's brain, it is not ok to manipulate people to one's own greed or be a parasite or a leech. That would tantamount to breaching the other person's rights to protect his/her intellectual and wealth/property. Those are two of the five objectives of the Shariáh/Islam or Maqasid Al-Shariah, so I learned from my limited reading on the subject. The other three are: protection of one's religion, life and off-spring.


"The great doesn't happen through impulse alone and it is a succession of little things that are brought together." - Van Gogh

We all know that to build/create something great takes plenty of time and takes a great deal of effort. Van Gogh is saying it's not just about making one big effort one shot but it's a culmination of little efforts that are brought together over a period of time.

This is similar to what I learned from a trainer a few months back about the system of success which is defined as having few disciplines practiced everyday. It's about making a good effort everyday and repeat and repeat and repeat....until you begin to see the first spark of success, of something great, God willing, and then still continue on. 

Wish yáll a productive Monday despite the fact that many of us Malaysians are holidaying. For the benefit of our foreign readers, tomorrow is Deepavali Day so almost everyone in Malaysia is enjoying a long weekend and having a leisure time. wonder your blogger friend is not too stressed out and can afford one more rambling here. LOL.

Ok folks, let us all think about the succession of little things that we could bring together towards achieving something great. Bi-iznillah.

: )

I hope I am one of five people whom you spend most of your time with, albeit virtually.
And hope that I belong in the positive category so that I bring up your average score. LOL.
Never mind that makcik (old woman) who considered this blog stupid. LOL.

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