Wednesday, November 25, 2015

You are doing fine, love yourself today


Assalamualaikum folks,
Good morning from Kuala Lumpur : )

It's a greaaaat day, cos it's pay day for many people out there.

Alhamdulillahi hamdan yuwafi ni'amahu wayukafi u mazidah

But let's not forget those who are jobless and struggling entrepreneurs whose business have yet to yield something good. 

The above poster is courtesy of Exa Publishing FB. One esteemed reader of this blog gifted me with a bookmark on which is written those positive words. I love it. It serves as a good reminder that we should relax, rest easy and not be so hard on ourselves. And most importantly, we should love ourselves. We should, because Allah loves us.  

Wish yáll a greaaaat day filled with sakinah and productivity. Cre-ate something cool.
Let's seize the day.
: )


While many of us busy ourselves maneuvering in the corporate jungle, my eldest brother has been busy secluding himself in a jungle on the outskirts of KL. While we busy ourselves cre-ate-ting business proposals this and that, he cre-ates meals for his pondok (hut) neighbors who are also in the jungle seeking solace. Yes, my brother is a good cook. He beats me hands down. He caught a fish from the nearby river and cooked fish asam pedas, chicken rendang and fried noodles, among others. His "suluk-mates" are darn lucky people! But on a serious note, praise be to Allah, he helped convert two foreigners to Islam. They were there to chill and found nurMasha Allah! That's my brother, he is a real Sufi. I am a fake. And he speaks excellent English, ten times better than I do. LOL.

Ingredients for fish asam pedas and chicken rendang
Neighbors in the jungle.
A bunch of cool solace-seekers
enjoying my brother's fried noodles.
Life is good : )

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  1. SubhanAllah! Gave me chills just reading about it. May Allah bless you and your brother for all the da'wah you may not even realize you are doing.