Wednesday, November 18, 2015

You & Co


That's a saying by our dear Prophet Muhammad 
salallah alaihi wasalam.
The second half of his saying goes like this:
''It is better to speak to a seeker of knowledge
than to remain silent,
but silence is better than idle words."


Pray Allah will keep us in good company always.

I am excited and so....looking forward to be in a great company at a special adventure soon. It will be my first time getting involved in such an activity. [Oh well, there will always be a first time, eh?] Pray all will go well so that I would be able to share some useful jottings for this blog and also video clips for Al Falah TV Youtube channel, insyaAllah.

In case you're wondering, we have been pretty quiet on Al Falah TV because we have to direct and focus our resources on Exa Publishing, but of course we will share unique contents (especially English contents) whenever possible. We now have 200 subscribers on the channel and reaching 20,000 views. Keep supporting the channel folks! Keep sharing any video links you like with friends and family.

My favorite video on Al Falah TV is the interview with Habib Hassan Al-Attas of Baálwie Mosque in Singapore. I keep relishing the wonderful experiences meeting and interviewing him. He is arguably the most popular personality that has appeared on Al Falah TV Youtube channel because the video has got almost 1,900 views now. It was all worth it, bringing the entire [small] team of Exa Publishing/Al Falah TV to Singapore then. Pray we will get to visit Habib Hassan again for knowledge and barakah and for another project insyaAllah.

Alhamduillahi hamdan yuwafi niámahu wayukafi u mazidah

Remember to mind what kind of people you bring to:
You & Co.

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