Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Group| Look ahead


Guten morgen folks.

Praise be to God for new acquaintances, contacts, partners, supporters, friends and positive people He keeps sending us, day in day out.

I remembered one corporate trainer by the name of Dr Reza, he said, if you are the smartest in your group, then your group is too small; if you are the richest in your group, then your group is too small; if you are the prettiest/most handsome in your group, then your group is too small.

I am feeling grateful that my group has drastically expanded on all three aspects. It's good to network and build good connections because the Quran says we are to cooperate on good deeds and piety. "Help one another in al-birr (righteousness) and at-taqwa (piety)...." 

And that funny trainer Dr Reza also reminded his class to not look back and the fact that the rear mirror is small unlike the windshield, simply because we are to give more focus on what's in front of us, and not so much the things which are behind us.

2015 is gradually coming to an end. We may want to look back just a wee bit, for lessons learned in the past 12 months and then focus on the new year ahead of us. Insya Allah.

I have achieved the minimum 200-postings target for the year, but I feel obligated to write while I can for the sake of you, regular readers who start your day by checking on this space. Masha Allah! Thank you. May Allah make us all benefit from good words and good vibes. Ameen.

Today, I eagerly wait for a special delivery - tote bags with Lisan al-Din logo on it. It's for my own private collection. I was wondering if the regular loyal readers would be interested to purchase it. We shall see.

Until then, wish y'all a greaaat day, wish you sihah wal afiah and....

Don't forget the 10,000-salawat challenge for this blessed month of Rabiul Awal. I have so far only managed 200+ LOL. I tell myself - Terus berusaha. Keep striving :)

But I have successfully memorized it. YaHu!

Allahumma ya Rabba Sayyidina Muhammad
wa ali Sayyidina Muhammad
salli wa salim ála Sayyidina Muhammad 
wa ála ali Sayyidina Muhammad
wa azib huzna qalbi
fid dunya wal akhirah
wa ajri ya Rabbi lutfakal-khafiyya
fi umurina wa umuril muslimin

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