Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happening Penang | YaHuuu


Alhamdulillahi hamdan yuwafi 
ni'amahu wa yukafi u mazidah

There is no place like my kampung (village). Hah hah.  

There is no bed as comfy as mine. LOL. It makes me feel like a $6 million dollar woman cos the mattress cost about 0.1% of that. [The spy-readers are running for their calculators now. LOL.] 

We all should pray hard and do tonnes of good deeds so that our bed in the grave would be super comfy too. And we should be more grateful so that Allah the Keeper of the Ultimate Treasures of the Heavens & Earth would be more generous towards us. Ameen.

YaHuuu... I managed to recite 1K+ salawat while driving from KL to Penang. That means I have got another 2K left to reach the magic number. Bi-iznillah.

Excuse me for the amateurish shot. It's for my friends living abroad who appreciate scenes of Penang. I will be sharing more pics soon. 

You Penang folks bear with me ok.
[Hangpa memang lah dah besa tengok gambaq merata ceruk Penang] 

Driving on Penang Bridge
heading towards 'island in the sun'
is always a thrill

Good night. I can't wait for tomorrow to check out some precious books from Makkah.

Until then, I leave you with a poster borrowed from Exa Publishing FB.

WaSalamualaikum warahmatullah.

Feedback from another 2009-Readers' Club member who discovered this insignificant space in 2009 while she was living abroad. She now lives in Penang. She is a pious, well educated and well-traveled person. She and her husband, as retired professionals have now become a committed tholabul ilmi. Her kind words are like du'a and mean a lot to me.

She sent this message just before I set out for my kampung.
"My dear, I read your superb blog at 2 a.m. and my tears poured out. I feel so connected to what you have written, as though that's my mind. Keep writing dear."

Masha Allah tabarakallah.

May Allah preserve our hearts and continue to grant us beneficial knowledge, ilham and tawfiq. And make us sincere and humble always.

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