Sunday, December 6, 2015

Numbers | Tin-tea | Driven


Numbers can be misleading ya know despite the fact that there's an explanation for it, for everything and anything. I have been blogging for six years. Out of the 700,000 page views only 20,000 people viewed my pic profile LOL. Al Falah TV is eight months old, but minus two months cos that's how long since the last video appeared, yet it has garnered 20,000 views. come? LOL.

Numbers can be deceiving. Is there an indicator to show how many hearts are moved or inspired by a single thing we put out to the universe? Pray Allah will let us be a tajalli of His goodness. I heard this from Shaykh Fahmi Zamzam who said: ''You gotta pray so that Allah makes you a tajalli (receptacle) of His goodness."

By the way, I discovered another great sunnah food product today. It would remind you of T2 tea. It's Tin-tea! Tea made of figs (tin). Yes! Tasted a tad too bitter than the regular black tea though. But it's packed with dozens of goodness. There are a handful of fig planters in Malaysia, so I learned.


This is looking pretty random. It's my attempt at sending out a signal to the universe that I so wish to be driven more often. It's so much fun being in the passenger seat, occasionally [on more occasions from now on, please].

An acquaintance of mine who had set out to walk for 40 days is still out there walking somewhere and here I am rambling nothing or in Malay they say mengada-ngada. This pious acquaintance suddenly popped up on WhatsApp today and addressed me as Sayyidah Ezatulhada. OMG. I take it as a BIG duá! May Allah forgive me. May Allah make me better than what people think of me. Ameen.
[The haters/spy-followers of this blog are sticking out their ugly tongue now LOL]

OK folks, don't get too serious. It's Sunday. It's end of the year. Footloose, put on your Sunday shoes. And put on a fun cap. Opt for a snapback : )

And opt for an inspiring Tee : )

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