Saturday, December 5, 2015

Push yourself | One direction


Kuala Lumpur
Last Saturday Morning
Gooood morning folks : )
Just like you, I am excited's Saturday!

What's your plan for today? Have you taken khal (date vinegar) yet this morning? I have! Alhamdulillah.

Just a quick posting before I spring-clean my abode. Must hurry before my team arrive. We are going to do some voice recording today - narration for an animation snippet. Pray Allah will help us see it through. Should enjoy the process, keep doing and leave the outcome to Him.

I am just ashamed of myself knowing there are super-successful and super-wealthy people who work 100 times harder than I do. I was chatting with one of them the other day, and you know what this person said to me? He said: "I gotta earn a living". He said it in Malay which actually sounded even more humbling. He said: ''Nak cari makan!"

Masha Allah tabarakallah. People like these are truly inspiring. They are in a position to rest on their laurels yet they keep pushing themselves. They have plenty of people to do it for them - their big strong team - yet they work as if no one is going to do it for them. They are focused on one direction and one direction only, which is work. 

OK folks, wish yáll a happy and productive weekend.

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