Sunday, December 13, 2015

Rabiul Awal Mubarak


Alhamdulillahi hamdan yuwafi ni'amahu wayukafi u mazidah. Praise be to Allah for His endless bounties and boundless compassion. We have come to Rabiul Awal. I am yet to memorize this new salawat taught on Muwasala though.

Allahumma salli wa salim ala Sayyidina Muhamadin
Ahabbil mahbu bat
wa ash rafil makhluqat
wa af dholi ahlil aradhina was samawat

O Allah bestow prayers and peace
upon our Master Muhammad
the most beloved of all things beloved
the most noble of the most noble of created beings
and the best of the inhabitants of the earth and the heavens

Below is an excerpt of Habib Umar bin Hafiz's advice as related by Shaykh Abu Zaki [former Imam of Masjid Sultan Singapore] on 20th Nov 2015 at Masjid Al Falah. Shaykh Abu Zaki related three major advice given by Habib Umar during his tour to Indonesia and Singapore: about Allah waging war on us on account of riba; the correct method for dakwah and tawbah. A dear friend forwarded the lessons to me and below is my feeble attempt at translating Habib Umar's advice on dakwah.

As related by Shaykh Abu Zaki, Habib Umar said: There are people who use their Shaykh to attract popularity. They are two-faced. They use their Shaykh's name in order to be popular. If you intend to perform dakwah then employ the same approach as did the Prophet (pbuh). Put the Prophet in yourself. [Ask yourself] is this the method used by the Prophet? Would the Prophet endorse my way of doing dakwah? Does the Prophet hurt people? The Prophet wants everyone to enter the Heavens. He did not label anyone as misguided/blasphemous. [You] pretend to do dakwah on the words of the Prophet but you actually don't. Many people are eager to jump into dakwah based on the hadith: "Çonvey from me even if it is one verse'' yet they do not place the Prophet in themselves. The meaning of "from me" is from the Prophet, that is his akhlak and nothing from your nafs when you engage in dakwah. People compete in spreading the words of the Prophet but they do it in the wrong manner. You may convey thousands of the Prophet's words, but remember to put the Prophet in your heart and in your behavior.


Allahu Alam.
May I be forgiven for any errors in the translation.

Sallu alan Nabi.


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