Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Strive | "Usaha"


I was among the bottom three students in class during the first few years in primary/elementary school. I remembered the teachers were not creative at all when commenting in my annual report cards. They had nothing better and nothing more to say than "Terus berusaha" which means keep striving. LOL.

During the final year when I slowly and painfully emerged among the top ten students in school, they still wrote something to that effect: Usaha dengan lebih tekun which means the same thing - keep working hard, keep striving. Perhaps they were not allowed to venture far from the school's motto Usaha Tangga Kejayaan. LOL. That essentially means, effort is the ladder to success.

Now at this mature age, of course I understood better the value of usaha. Understood perfectly why all the teachers had to hammer it in the head, year in year out.

Now at this mature age, I smiled from ear to ear when an animation expert autographed his book and wrote Terus berusaha. It made me smile because it felt really good as if he truly understood my aspiration and dreams and the sweat and tears that come with it. Terus berusaha sounds a lot more hopeful now than ever before.

Tangis dan tawa. Terus berusaha.
Tears and Laughter. Keep striving.

My nephew got his PT3 Exam results today (14th Dec). He did pretty well, but still I am disappointed the fact that he did not usaha much. I reckon he only put in about 60% of effort.

I think this is a universal problem, we all have a lot of untapped potential which would have manifested into a bigger success had we strive 100%. We do not really optimize our brains, nor do we maximize the power of our limbs to usaha.  

Must work harder, you and I.

Congrats Kamil Arif & Imran Harris 

Usaha tangga kejayaan
Wish when I was 15 when I experienced my first ''success", wish I had an aunt who has a blog so she could blog about my good results. LOL.

Achip: Congrats and terus berusaha : )

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