Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday Fajar in KL


Gooood morning folks : )

That's Subuh Azan (call to prayer) in KL this beautiful Sunday morning. There are at least three mosques calling for prayer. Subhanallah!

Anyway, this is just a short greeting to yáll to remind you of the 10,000-Salawat challenge. I am progressing slowly. Alhamdulillah so far.

One thing I have come to realize since I undertook the 10K-Salawat challenge is that I prefer silence to unnecessary chatters and noise. We are flooded with tonnes of messages each day, aren't we? It can be overwhelming and deafening sometimes. 

They say we have to learn silence just as we learn speech. Silence can do us much good. It's true.

Wish yáll a pleasant Sunday. Next week is a short week work-wise because it's going to be a longggg weekend YaHu! Can't wait for it to unfold. Have you finalized your holiday plans yet? Whatever it is, don't get stressed out and don't fight over it ok? LOL. The best plan is that which is destined by the Supreme Master Mind. Let's be open minded and leave room for divine surprises just because The Lord is the Best Planner. 

Ah...Thursday is of course special. It's Mawlid Ar-Rasul. Gotta gear up on the salawat. May Allah grant us more tawfiq. Ameen.

Allahumma ya Rabba Sayyidina Muhammad
wa ali Sayyidina Muhammad
salli wa salim ála Sayyidina Muhammad 
wa ála ali Sayyidina Muhammad
wa azib huzna qalbi
fid dunya wal akhirah
wa ajri ya Rabbi lutfakal-khafiyya
fi umurina wa umuril muslimin

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