Tuesday, December 1, 2015

This December


Ah...the much awaited month of the year has arrived. December spells peace and joy to many of us as we wind down and reflect on the bygone months.

This is the time to take stock of what we have done this year and regroup any scattered pieces and fix any misfits.

This may spill over to January, which is okay because introspection and rectification of oneself is an ongoing process and has no deadlines. It's a solo race after all. So run or walk as you may. There is a path for you and for me. Your path is yours alone. Mine is mine alone.

This world is big enough for everybody after all, else the Lord will show us the exit, at the appointed time. So there is no need to whine.

This is, as usual, just my two cents to mark the coming of December.

This is posting #192. Eight postings to go before I wrap up 2015. YaHu!

Folks, keep your hopes high and keep smiling : )


On a lighter note, since December is synonymous with sale and in keeping with the spirit of buying and selling, I might auction my Tiffany diamond ring LOL. Bought it at RM 17,000 so that's the starting price, folks! Because a witty blogger named Miss E has worn it, it could fetch RM 71,000 you know! LOL.

Ok...ok... I better sign off now : D

This is Oyako Donburi
: P

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