Friday, January 1, 2016

Glorious 2015 | Joyous 2016


Kuala Lumpur - 1 Jan 2016

That's KL on the eve of the new year from my balcony.
(Pic credit: my 15 year old nephew)

Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah for the precious time and space Allah has afforded us so we are able to witness His wonderful and colorful manifestation.

My 'party' in Penang will start soon after Maghrib insha Allah. I stood for hours preparing my signature once-a-year corn croquette. LOL. Just because I adore and respect my guests.

Will share more pics later insha Allah.
Enjoy your day folks!

Much love and prayers.

P/s Don't forget to finish up the 10K salawat guys!

1st Jan 2016
Very grateful to be spending time with them again
Tahfiz students who are my neighbors.
Majority of them are from Cambodia.
Glad to be able to see them today before they balik kampung tomorrow.  
Isha prayers

25 of them altogether.
10 got to eat at my most favorite spot in the house.
Told them it took me 5 hours to prepare 60+ corn croquettes
all handmade with love : )
Pardon me for the blurry pics.
Memories and thoughts of them shall remain crystal clear, forever.

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