Thursday, January 14, 2016

Love what you are learning to do


"Success is no accident. 
It is hardwork, 
and most of all 
love of what you are doing 
or learning to do." 
- Pele

Pele the football legend said so. In case you are not familiar with the name Pele.

I am sure many of you are having a hectic week too. As we push ourselves forward, sometimes we forget to love what we are doing or learning to do.

In my case, I should remember more often, to love what I am learning to do.

Three inspiring objects on my desk (at least to me)
1. Allah's promise that: In His Hand is all good.
2. A picture to remind me to keep busy planting seeds.
3. Money (wish those were hundred dollar notes LOL)

Someone said to me in a rather cynical tone: ''Good luck. Cos you're going to need it."

It broke my heart cos I could sense the underlying sickening tone. When someone offers you kind words sincerely, you would of course feel the warmth and love instantaneously. And you could also tell if someone mean the opposite.

But hey, Allah says in Surah Yusuf:
"Do NOT let their words sadden you."
Wala yahzun ka qau luhum

: )

Stay happy folks.

I think people who are snobbish like that person who ridiculed me, must have forgotten that Allah holds them by the forelock too!

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