Tuesday, January 26, 2016

One small good habit for our 23,000 mornings | Sedekah Subuh


You may recall one posting about us having approximately 23,000 mornings as adults, on the assumption that we live up to the age of 80 (and minus 15).


This [Monday] morning I chanced upon a segment on Malaysian TV about one woman, Madam Mahawa Pilus who set up a brilliant initiative called Sedekah Subuh. She quoted a couple of hadith about Prophet Muhammad salallah alaihi wasalam and Saidina Omar r.a. who had a habit of giving food to the needy after Subuh. Prophet Muhammad salallah alaihiwasalam actually fed a Jew. Am not too sure about this particular hadith mentioned by the lady. Anyhow, the point to note is that giving sedekah on a daily basis especially after Subuh will yield plenty of barakah

The lady and her close buddies started collecting money to prepare breakfast for the fuqara and masakin around her neighborhood. One of her friends could not afford giving regular sedekah so she volunteered to cook instead. The initiative grew bigger as they began to receive more contributions hence were able to provide breakfast for more families. They have also started channeling funds to students in need and other worthy causes in Malaysia and abroad.

The idea is to give little but regularly, in the morning, after Subuh. The organizers have recently obtained approval from the authority and below is the Sedekah Subuh bank account number for your consideration/further actions.

I think we have got two choices, we as in those who are not in a position to cook meals and offer food to the needy every morning after Subuh. We could grab our purse and take out say $3 and keep in a homemade Sedekah Subuh penny bank/money bank, every day after performing our Subuh prayers and transfer it to the official Sedekah Subuh bank account at month end or after 40 days or if you are not living in Malaysia, you could give to any deserving parties, but of course even if you are living in Malaysia you could offer it to anyone in need.

Alternatively, we could grab our phones as we normally would first thing in the morning, and transfer say $3 via online banking. Make it your Favorite Third Party Account Transfer. Imagine grabbing the phone for a better cause (than check our Whatsapp) first thing in the morning. Morning means after Subuh before syuruk. And don't forget to make du'a and submit our petition to Allah as we do it. Let's not miss out on the Angel who makes du'a every morning for those who do good.

Assuming you are 25 and have just started working and assuming you will live up to the age of 80, if you were to give away $3 every morning, you will have donated $60,225. OK, let's assume you are not in a position to give $3 every morning when you turn 60, 
60 - 25 = 35 x 365 days = 12,775 mornings x $3 sedekah each morning 
= $38,325 

That's pretty handsome a sedekah, is it not?

May Allah grant us the tawfiq to have and keep a good habit. May we remain istiqamah in this good habit and all other good daily habits. Ameen.

For more info
especially for Malaysians
do visit Sedekah Subuh FB page

Useful info from Sedekah Subuh organizer:
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