Saturday, January 9, 2016

Special guest | Mimic the heart of Rasulullah salallah alaihi wasalam


Alhamdulillahi hamdan yuwafi niámahu wayukafi u mazidah

If I could ask the Lord for a permanent weekend job, it would be to prep my small crib to entertain special guests like this one Shaykh who honored me and my team with his presence. Alhamdulillah : D

I still can't stop smiling as I type this. Happy!

Guess who graced my humble abode today?

Before I reveal to you, who my special guest was, let's learn from what he had to say in relation to Imam Nawawi's book of Al-Maqasid on the section of tasawuf regarding tazkiyatul nafs which means cleansing the heart from spiritual blemishes. And maqasid means something that we strive to get. That's what the Shaykh said so I hereby regurgitate more of his words:

"Two key points out of five foundations on tasawuf are taqwa and following the sunnah of Rasulullah salallahalaihi wasalam."

"Taqwa means to have the consciousness of Allah in secret and in public. It is about the consciousness of Allah that is infused with love for Allah. It is this consciousness that causes the human being to obey, not because of guilt or shame. But simply because we love Allah. The morality of Islam is different than other religion because it is not based on guilt or shame."

"The second foundation is on following the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad salallah alaihi wasalam who is the one who loves Allah the most. If purification of the heart is relative to relationship one has with Allah then following the sunnah means following the heart of the one who is most attached to Allah. Following the sunnah means to try to mimic the heart of Rasulullah. Most people talk about following the sunnah outwardly. The actions of a person reflects what is in the heart of that person. We have to try to the best of our ability to mimic the heart of Rasulullah only then the manifestation of the outer, of our actions and words will start to resemble the actions of Rasulullah."

"The components of his heart were: love for Allah and taqwa, to be pleased with the will of Allah, to have love for others, to have respect for others, to have satisfaction with worldly state - this is sunnah. So follow the heart of Rasulullah and to follow what he did outwardly in his words and actions because they reflect the state of his heart."


Those were his words, almost verbatim, Shaykh Masood Yusuf, a young Shaykh from Guyana who is now in Malaysia to pursue a Master's degree. Shaykh Masood is a son of a prominent daié of Guyana in South America. His father Shaykh Hasib Yusuf was the leader of Guyana Islamic Trust and principal of an Islamic School in a country where only 15% of its population are Muslims. Shaykh Masood was the first batch to have graduated from the first accredited Islamic institution in Guyana. He then continued his studies in Egypt, Makkah and Madinah. He speaks excellent English. Shaykh Masood in my opinion is very articulate. Masha Allah. He reminds me of young Habib Ali Zaenal Abidin when the latter was not yet well known - an "English version" of Habib Ali, if I may say so.

He is 28. Yes, 28! When I commented on his age, he mentioned a few prominent shuyukh who "graduated" and became a shaykh at a very young age. One such person was Shaykh Zakariya Al Kandahlawi (1884 - 1982) who wrote three volumes of commentary on Arabic classical text at the age of 13 and wrote twenty over volumes of commentary on Imam Malik's Muwatta' when he was 19. 

According to Shaykh Masood, in certain cultures, it is common to find young men who have undergone Islamic education and training quite early in life.      

Masha Allah, tabarakallah.

Shaykh Masood Yusuf


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And you will also get to see him talk about Muslims in Guyana, his background and what brought him to Malaysia.

Insya Allah.

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