Thursday, February 4, 2016

Book Insights with: Sallina Ismail


Sister Sallina Ismail is author of seven books on esoteric knowledge and its relation to the quantum physics and cognitive sciences. She wrote all her books purely based on revelations, as a result of having consistently and intensively performed qiyamulail and zikir Asmaul Husna between 2 am to 4 am for months on end.

To be honest, I have not met anyone who is blessed with spiritual revelations as much as she has experienced and so willing to share matter of fact-ly, and very humble about it. Not like some people who arrogantly brag about Allah "showing me the truth" [as in their husband cheating on them] "because I often do  tahajud prayers." LOL. 

Sister Sallina is an enlightened soul. From her rather intimate sharing during an interview at Al Falah TV SOHO, I gather she is a lover of Allah who sleeps very little, eats very little, mingles very little, who spends long hours at night making prayers and zikir, passionately, while the majority of us prefer to sleep and snore in our super comfy beds.

Therefore, we need not be surprised that the Lord has blessed her with plenty of spiritual openings and that she is so calm and worry free.

In the video published on Al Falah TV YouTube channel, she gives an overview of her books which are thought provoking. 

I was fortunate to have met her and listened to her expounding how zikrullah works on the brain cells and why it is said that man is a macrocosm, that the universe is in fact within us!

Ask, and you shall be answered.
Knock and it shall be opened!

Ilahi anta maqsudi
wa ridhoka matlubi
a'tini mahabbataka
wa makrifataka

O Lord, You are my goal
and mercy from You is all I hope for
Grant me love and makrifah (gnosis) towards You


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