Thursday, February 11, 2016

Building blocks | Set yourself free


Hi folks,

Alhamdulillahi hamdan yuwafi niámahu wa yukafi u mazidah

I looove this (above) poster crafted by my teammate. That's borrowed from Exa Publishing FB.

It's such a joy knowing that despite being small and crawling our way forward, there are people who secretly compete with us - Exa Publishing and Al Falah TV. It's funny though cos my teammates and I only compete with ourselves. And those people who are competing with us, they have got loads more resources than we do. I guess people are not only envious of what other people have in their hands and brains, people are also envious of other people's potentials. 

I think we have to get the principle right. It's straightforward. It's about having our own unique and correct intention. And then put in all the effort and work towards getting the job done. Toil is from us. Success is from Allah. I ask for success from Allah, you do your own asking. Allah is infinitely rich, therefore, no need to worry about sharing His big cake.

One critic said to me "You like to make enemy of people". LOL. Oh well, who needs negative people? Who needs a destructive or an untrustworthy business partner? Even in regards religion, Shaykh Ninowy told us: "Beware of spiritual ants." Moreover, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) told us to look for and befriend "perfume-sellers" not "blacksmiths." 

Come on, you can't blame me for choosing what's best for myself and my companies. We are here to do good deeds to the best of our abilities. We don't have job vacancies for men who are "chained" by their wives. So we gotta move on without you man, sorry!

Set yourself free.
As we set ourselves free from mental blocks and keep building more blocks.

Mr Critic: Perhaps you desperately want to be close to me. LOL. I am ok as long as you have a written consent from your wife. LOL.

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