Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Al Falah TV is 1 year old | SFCVC


Alhamdulillahi hamdan yuwafi niámahu 
wa yukafi u mazidah.

We are not extremely pious people, we must confess. All we have got is just a simple intention to do a bit of good. 

The first video published on Al Falah TV YouTube channel was on 1st March 2015, by chance or rather by the decree or qadar of Allah. So we are 1 year old! Alhamdulillah we have got 380+ subscribers and about 40,000 views. We are a small team and we are pretty unknown. I think that's kinda sweet, to be able to deliver something quietly. At the end of the day, the Lord knows who is behind it and who does what. Nothing escapes His reckoning. 

There are people who wanted to be with us but somehow got left behind even before they could start. Of course it is the Lord who gives tawfiq and chooses who gets to be the receptacle of His tajalli. We are all merely His instruments. 

It is a coincident that come 18th March 2016, Al Falah TV together with Exa Publishing will insha Allah be organizing a video competition on Sunnah Food Campaign. It is called Sunnah Food Campaign Video Competition (SFCVC).

Official logo of Sunnah Food Campaign Video Competition

SFCVC is just a small gesture of our affection and admiration towards Prophet Muhammad salallahalaihi wasalam and therefore it is our pleasure to part with a small sum of money for the prizes and give our best effort each step of the way.

Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad 
habibur Rahman ada dama yaqun wama qadkan


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