Saturday, March 12, 2016

Light hearted greetings


Hi folks,

Yeah...yeah...yeah...I have been busy, not that I have forgotten about you ; )

I wish this was a posting on notes from tausiyah by Habib Umar bin Hafiz who is currently in Malaysia. 

Oh well, let's wait for the videos of his tausiyah to be uploaded by the organizers and I'll try to translate it for you insha Allah.

Oftentimes, we wish we were at two other venues for two other programs but we just have to be where we are at. So let it be.

Still, secretly like many people out there, I pray for a personal driver and a personal assistant so I could be at more places. LOL.

For now, let's make do with a light hearted posting while enjoying some chips [or crisps].

Hah..hah... you guessed it right. It's Lays Honey & Butter. It was in my picnic basket, can't blame me. And Chinese dates. Spell it right ok, dates and not date. No I was not with a Chinese date! LOL.

Chinese dates. A-OK!

But no need to bring along a chicken to Chicken Island.

Chicken Island - Krabi - Thailand

Just like you, I go here and there, but deep in my heart I often miss good ol' home cooked meals - ala Penang because Penang homemade fish curry is hard to beat! And sambal belacan Kuinin [Quinine hot sauce]. Why? Because a quinine fruit fell on my backyard. The tree belongs to my dear neighbor - neighbors with benefits LOL.

My plate. Typical lunch when at home in Penang.
Everything you see in this posting was cooked by my sister.
She treated us to this good lunch as soon as she came back from Umrah.
I guess she couldn't wait to come home and cook. LOL.
Quinine hot sauce 
Penang homemade fish curry.
My home : )
Mushroom and French beans
Sweet & Sour fish

So there, a glimpse of Malaysian style cooking, something our foreign readers might enjoy.

Alhamdulillahi hamdan yuwafi 
niámahu wa yukafi u mazidah.

We are grateful and pray He grants more!

Wish yáll a fanta-fabu-licious weekend.

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