Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sunnah Food Campaign Video Competition (SFCVC) | Message from Organizer


Hi guys,

Just sharing how I got the idea for SFCVC.

It was after attending a 3-day course (dawra) on Kitab As-Syamail Al-Muhammadiah by Imam Tirmidhi. 

Ahh...but I sure hope people wishing to enter the contest especially the Non-Muslims will not get turned off by the bombastic-sounding Arabic name of the book.  

Anyway, I remembered liking milk a whole lot more when I was studying in the states in the '90s. I know we all drank tons of milk as a kid but not so much as we grew older. When I was there, they had a campaign known as 'Milk It Does A Body Good.' So, I had a thought after attending the dawra at Masjid Hussain in Seremban, that we should also have a campaign on sunnah food.

So, the idea for SFCVC came about in October 2015. And only recently, on 18 March 2016, have we finally managed to launch the Sunnah Food Campaign Video Competition (SFCVC) to get people excited about consuming more sunnah food and create a platform where we could get the non-Muslims to get to know our Prophet Muhammad, his attributes, especially his foods and drinks.

May Allah facilitate and make it easy for us to work at making SFCVC a success. 

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