Thursday, March 17, 2016

Tranquil Thursday


Good morning folks.
Good morning Aunty Shabeena & family : )
Sorry to have missed your phone call.


This morning is one of the 23,000+/- mornings of our lives.
Grateful to be alive.
Grateful to be healthy and able to prepare yummy chicken tortilla breakfast for me and mom.
We have to enumerate our blessings guys, so that He would grant more.

"O Allah, any blessing that has come to me or any of Your creation is from You alone, without partner, so Yours is the praise, Yours is the thanks."
[From: Imam Nawawi's Maqasid/Manual of Islam, chapter on tasawuf]

Below is breakfast for the soul, this tranquil Thursday morning, being excerpts from Ibn Arabi's Thursday morning prayer. You may want to refer to an old posting for the long extended version.

"O God, I ask You to grant me the mystery of Your Order 
and the grandeur of Your Decree,
of the all-embracing grasp of Your knowledge
of the special prerogatives of Your Will
of the efficacy of Your Power
of the permeation of Your Hearing and Sight
of the self-subsistent presence of Your Life
and of the necessary character of Your Essence and Qualities."

"O God transport me from the descending steps of my created being and nature
to the ascending light of Your Truth and essential Reality.
You are my Friend and Master,
in You I die and from You I take life.
It is You alone whom we adore
and it is You alone we ask for aid."


One morning in KL
 11th March 2016

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