Monday, April 4, 2016

All that glitters is not gold | Anew


Thisssss looks like another rambling evening so excuse me folks.

Yes all that glitters is not gold.

Once upon a time, when I was younger, I thought it would be cool to sign up at one of those slimming salon where, I imagined, people would pamper and look after your body cos you are just too lazy to do it yourself. But the fact is that it can be super tiring even if you got to nap through some of the routine.   

I thought having a phone with a big fat capacity was cool but not until I realized I've got some 8000 photos to deal with. Now that I "got rid" of them, it feels good. It's like the feeling I usually have every single time I hand-wash my clothes : ) 

Am not sure about you, but I thought messages/chats should be kept in the phone, creating a massive pileup. However, today I discovered deleting chat history gives me a similar liberating feeling like washing the clothes. LOL. Surely there's a psychological explanation to this. The sooner you clear your "plate" the better actually, so you could start fresh on a new plate or page.

What is past is so passe. So I pity some pathetic souls who go to great lengths tracing other people's messages. Yes such people exist. How silly it is to have hang-ups about other people's past when the targeted person himself/herself has moved on to some cool new avenues.

But you know they say:
Don't let anyone dull your sparkle ; )

Shall I be brave and pack nothing except these two sparkles for my next trip, so that I could buy lots of things abroad? Buy all things new? LOL.

Oh...wait a sec, suddenly I'm reminded of one short-lived blogger who invited me to his place in affluent neighborhood Maida Vale, London and told me not to bring any clothes cos he would buy all things new for me when I get there! LOL. Can you believe that? The kinda crap people could throw from the UK. LOL. So...not OK!

But to be fair, that person is actually not from the UK. He lives in a quite OK a neighborhood in Malaysia called Taman Batw. That is Bluff-All-The-Way residential area. LOL. And to be fair to my fellow Malaysians, he and his other half, are not from this beautiful country Malaysia. Hmm....

Nite all!


All that glitters is not gold

I hope people would just stop bluffing their way. And I wish to stress this point: I have the right to speak facts and speak up. May this be a lesson to whom it may concern, that you should not simply take people for a ride and expect people to keep quiet or suffer in silence!


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