Friday, April 1, 2016

Special April


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah

It's April again. Judging from the trend from previous years, April is a month of hefty bounties. Even the sound of the word April carries a light, sweet aura. I remembered there was one senior in my high school whose name was April. Of course, everyone would remember her because of her unique name. I remembered her character as being pretty and bright yet unassuming about her own beauty.

Jummah Mubarrak folks. Pray for a peaceful Friday. Let those who wish to observe this day as a foolish 1st of April, do so. It's a free country. LOL. However, don't go around pouring water on people's shirt! Or fool your children by calling them to the kitchen to eat when there's nothing to eat and that you actually wanted them to help you cook. That to me is a nasty April-fool trick regardless of the time of the year.

Like many of you, I personally pray for a fruitful and fabulous day. Like many of you, I thank God for my lovely mother who loves me unconditionally, who sprinkles fragrant love throughout the seasons. I think I might buy her some cool stuff from Japan - pretty tablewares or bedsheets with Sakura motifs perhaps, insha Allah. 

Go on do something sweet for your mom this month.

Speaking of bountiful April, I have just placed an order for a new phone at a super discounted price. And get to pay 0% interest installment some more. Ten times better than Black Friday deals, Yellow Friday, Red Friday...whatever. Thanks to my ever so cool employer. Alhamdulillah  : )

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