Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday blues | Use your head | Believe you can


Man...I am having Sunday blues, you won't believe it. It's one of the pre-vacation blues we all have when there are a couple of unfinished business hovering the mind before we could actually have some fun. 

There's a write-up that needs to be edited or re-written, letters to draft, phone calls to make, etcetera.

And I have got to cover quite an important seminar the day before I leave for my long-awaited dream holiday so lots of preps ought to get done. And there'll be one event soon after I return. Hu hu hee hee hah hah.... 

Right this moment I am having writer's block so where do I begin?! Before I begin working on some serious piece of writing, I thought I pour out some tension on this blog. 

Staring into nothing-ness.
At the back of the mind,
I am thinking hats,
[CA4LA hats to be specific]
when I should really put on my thinking hat
and do some work!
Use your head!

Oh btw someone asked how we do the recordings for Al Falah TV. After hearing my explanation, she said: "Oh not that easy!"

No, it's not that easy. But we just have to do our level best and hope for the best. And keep trying.

So, this is a note to encourage myself. A poster borrowed from Exa Publishing FB:

And this is my own personal version : )

Hope to share more cheerful postings next week Insha Allah : )

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