Friday, May 27, 2016

Like what you see? | Oh, the places we will go


Assalamualaikum folks,

Wanted to post this earlier today around 13:18 Friday the 27th of May just because I liked what I saw - the cute lil penguins reminded me of you LOL. 

I actually thought of sharing some of the lovely photos I have been receiving from Microsoft every two days or so. They have got a question at the top right corner: "Like what you see?"

This is another nice one:

Yes, we all like it that we don't have to think about taking nice pics and changing our wallpaper every now and again. Don't we like to have people do the thinking for us for as many things as possible? Wouldn't it be nice to have someone topping up our bank accounts every two days and each time we "desire some cash" and approach the ATM, there's a pop up question on the screen that says: "Like what you see?"


The first time I used an ATM machine in Singapore many years back, I burst into laughter seeing the menu question: "Do you desire some cash?" Oh yes!

May you receive plenty of blessings today especially our readers from abroad or outside KL. Distance is sweet. It's amazing how much love and kind thoughts could fill up the distance between us. We are connected. As long as there is a connection in the heart, physical distance becomes immaterial. Praise be to Allah who brings ulfa between people's hearts.

It is Allah who creates the variety of interests in our hearts too. So let's embrace all the little signs that show up and keep having positive expectations that every step we take and every effort we make, will bring us very good outcomes, one day, bi iznillah.

Oh, the places we will go, as a result of His bounties.

Alhamdulillahi hamdan yuwafi
ni├ímahu wa yukafi u mazidah 

The weekend is here : )
Not seen in pic is British Vogue magazine centenary edition,
just because my mother, yes my mother asked me to get it,
just because HRH the Duchess of Cambridge is on the cover!

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