Sunday, May 29, 2016

Pumpkins & Figs | Sunnah Food Campaign Video Competition (SFCVC)


This is the last call for those wishing to enter the Sunnah Food Campaign Video Competition (SFCVC). The last day to register is May 30th, 2016.

Registration is through online at

It's a wonderful experience meeting our supporters particularly the faculty members at selected unis in Malaysia and their enthusiastic students.

When we initiate something, it is not because we are an expert in the field. We learn by doing. We do something for example SFCVC as a means to inform ourselves and others.

I now become more aware of khal (vinegar) and that dates vinegar is the best (the most organic) khal there is. That figs are a natural anti-oxidant and thus is good to fight aging. These days whenever I eat out, or whenever I travel, I would look out for sunnah foods, be it on the menu or at the grocers/local markets.       

Ramadhan is around the corner, here are some pics of pumpkins and figs to get us thinking about sunnah foods. Let's consume more Prophetic foods which are nutrient rich especially in the holy month of Ramadhan so that we would remain energetic and upbeat.

Grilled pumpkins with Cajun spice.
Super yummy!
At Las Vacas Restaurant KL
Pumpkin soup
- also from Las Vacas Restaurant
All natural canned figs.
A product of France, sold at Isetan KL
 believe it or not.
I was surprised to see dried figs sold at a traditional village
in Japan. I only knew about figs from Mecca and Madinah.
Travel broadens one's mind.
[The red/orangey thingy next to the figs are
dried cherry tomatoes. Dr. N: I'll save some for you.
Welcome back to KL!]

Lastly, I am pleased to introduce Baron Abas, who is one of the three jury for Sunnah Food Campaign Video Competition. He is a videography expert. I am delighted that a non-Muslim professional like him is supportive of the Sunnah Food Campaign Video Competition.

Allah gives us many good ideas throughout our lives. In fact, at least one good idea comes to our mind on a daily basis. But in reality, countless ideas came and went. 

When I got the idea for SFCVC, I was determined to not let it escape me. I was determined to work on it against all odds. In fact, I still am determined to stand by it because if I let it go, the Lord might not grant any more good ideas. I thought if I embraced it and faced all the challenges that come with it, Allah might give me more cool ideas, again and again and again. Bi iznillah.

Here are two postcards I created as a reminder to me and all.

Wish yáll a productive week ahead.
May we have a week full of ideas.
And may Allah grant us the strength to work on them and stand by them.

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