Monday, May 9, 2016

She's the best | Those that sing best


Hope you have had a wonderful [official] Mother's Day celebration yesterday. I say official because unofficially every day is a mother's day. 

I bought my mom an advance Mother's Day gift from my Japan trip and she used it for the first time, yesterday. So sweet : ) One little thing she said yesterday made me realize that she cares and pays attention to the littlest of things about me. As we were getting ready to go out and I was torn between three boots to put on, she chose for me and decisively at that. Even though my mom is pushing 80, she has got good taste and instinctively knows which boots would look better with what kind of outfit. So cool!

Our mothers want us to sing even though we are not the best of singers. They want us to be the best version of ourselves. They want us to express ourselves confidently, believe in our own capabilities, and believe in ourselves wholeheartedly regardless of people's opinions. They want us to rise and shine freely and joyfully like the sun, even if one million hands try to block its ray.

I say: Sing like you are the best singer even if you are not and who cares if you are not the best singer. Because as far as our mothers are concerned, our voice is the sweetest of all, our tone is the most melodious there is and that we are those that sing best : D

And I  put my best foot forward for each task at hand, every time, all for my mother's sake. She's the best!

Always put your best foot forward

Aunty Shabeena & Dr. P: 
Happy Mother's Day. You know you are a fantastic mother : )

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