Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thank God It's Thursday


Hello! Apa Khabar?
That's '"how are you" in the Malay language.

My company is having a new social campaign. We are encouraged to greet people we encounter in the elevator, anywhere and everywhere. It's a simple act which we take for granted. Of course, for Muslims it would be better to say Assalamualaikum but "Hello! Apa Khabar?" is more suitable a phrase for all, including a non-Muslim Malaysian.

Am grateful and happy to be attached to the company. Today is another hectic yet fruitful and happy day at work. Thank God It's Thursday and we have accomplished many tasks for the week.

On a personal basis, I am looking forward to this weekend to promote Sunnah Food Campaign Video Competition (SFCVC) to another group of bright youngsters InSha Allah. And I so look forward to traveling abroad again soon to master a new subject which I know nothing about. 

It's going to be A-OK because Erica Jong, an American poet and novelist says:    

Let's praise Allah for whatever small talent we have got. Praise Allah for good health, for good fortune, for good times. And the list goes on.

Alhamdulillahi hamdan yuwafi 
ni amahu wayukafi u mazidah.


On a lighter note, check out this video. Great talents taking their craft to a dark place and it's beautiful, it's a beautiful dark place because the ever spectacular Mount Fuji is in the background.

[I miss you Fuji-san]

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