Friday, June 17, 2016

Either you read or you plead


Jummah Mubarrak!

I crafted the above poster based on the lesson posted yesterday - lesson by Habib Ali Zaenal Abidin Al-Hamid on why we should make as much duá as possible. This is my takeaway from the lesson: for anyone who wishes to be "online" with Allah, he/she should either read the Quran or plead to Him through duá. Either you read or you plead. That's the way to go as far as communicating with Allah is concerned. 


O Allah, O Ya Latif, Ya Wahab the Bestower of Bounties, please make this second phase of Ramadan even better than the first. Give us good health and good strength, physically and mentally, so that we could perform our ibadah in the best manner. That you accept it from us and forgive us for we are not capable of worshiping you as you ought to be worshiped.


Ramadan Trivia
A Muslim man came up to me when I was doing grocery with my mother today. He politely asked: 'May I ask for your help?' Then he struggled with a piece of paper of "Things to Buy". He paused, unsure what the question was. So I asked: "You need me to figure out those handwriting?"

"No. I just need to know what 'bunga lawang' is [finger pointing at one of the items on the long list]. What is it in English?"

I confidently [wrongly] replied and my mother was quick to correct me afterwards:
"Oh...cardamon, the white thingy. Oh no...sorry that's buah pelaga. Bunga lawang is aniseed."

The guy looked even more confused now.

So I explained: "It looks like a star, a brown star."

"Ah...that one, yes I know brown star! But where in the store can I find it?"

"At the spice section." [of course, as it is not a bunga (flower)]

"I will come and ask you again if I couldn't find it, ok?"

 [Now I know why one of my schoolmates described me as "sweet & spicy". I know a bit about spice. LOL]

When he walked away, I quickly googled to double check if I was right. LOL.

Then I saw him struggle looking for cinnamon sticks. And I came to the rescue : D

Moral of the story:
Go do grocery without phone [or carry phone without data LOL] so you don't have to depend on Mr. Google, so you could give people [like me] the opportunity to help and hopefully gain extra 10 points this Ramadan. LOL.

On this blessed Friday, if you think you are cute or "sweet & spicy", think again. Just look at this hairy, super-cute guy : )

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