Friday, June 10, 2016

Forgiveness brings about cordialness | Jazakallah


This is another poster I saw at Mc Donald's Drive Thru that brought smile to my heart.

Kemaafan menjalinkan kemesraan.
Forgiveness brings about cordialness.

It's true.

Ramadan Trivia
One day, I was feeling excited buying roasted ducks for iftar at KL's most crowded Bazaar Ramadan at Jalan Raja Alang in my neighborhood.

Roasted Duck
Bazaar Ramadan at Jalan Raja Alang in KL is also famous among tourists.
This year the City Council has put up a huge tent,
so no worries about rainy days.
Inside the tent
the crowd is simply mad.
Even more crowded than SaiƩ between Safa and Marwah!

Yes, one day I was fine soaking in the Ramadan aura just like everyone else.

The next day, I found myself in a hospital bed just because I had wrongly and unnecessarily exposed myself to danger on the eve of Ramadan. If I could issue a fatwa, I'd say getting on water rides that is more than 100 meter above the ground is haram cos you are actually submitting yourself to danger and you sort of gamble it won't turn out bad when it actually could cause death.

I had a small accident last Sunday, on the eve of Ramadan and I could have died. The pain from the concussion did not manifest until after a couple of days, so here I am in the hospital. I pledge I will not spend anymore money, nor time on lagha activities. And I humbly remind you to not expose yourself to danger, just for the fun of it, cos it's plain stupid.

So thank God, I am getting better now.
Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.

Ramadan Kareem!
[When you hear people say this, you should say Allahu Akram. This something new I learned.]

Jazakallahu khair to all the well wishers.

Jazakallah means a lot actually. So I learned from an FB wall of a pious woman.

We often hear people say jazakallahu khair, jazakallahu khairan kathira, jazakallahu ahsanal jazaa. What do they mean? Does it mean "thank you"?

The Prophet salallah alaihi wasalam says: whenever you hear a person saying jazakallah to his brother/sister, that means he/she truly honors that person as he/she is truly thankful so much so that he/she leaves it to Allah to reward the person with favor. It is a phrase that represents each and every good that is by Allah.

Jazakallah means:
  • May Allah grant you His Heavens.
  • May Allah grant you the honor of seeing His countenance in the Heavens.
  • May Allah protect you from Hell fire.
  • May Allah shelter you at the time of chaos during the Resurrection.
  • May Allah protect you from the cursed Shayatin.
  • May Allah offer you plenty of provisions that's full of barakah.
  • May Allah make you belong with those who do good to their parents.
  • May Allah make you steadfast in following the Sunnah of Prophet salallah alaihi wasalam.
Saidina Abu Bakar radhiallahu anha says: If a person knew the virtues of saying jazakallah, he/she would want to say it even more frequently to each other.

Jazakallah we say to those who have taught us this.
Jazakallah we say to those who receive it.
Jazakallah we say to those who spread it.

Ameen. Walhamdulillahi Rabbil Alamin. 

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