Saturday, June 25, 2016

Going Places | Paint the town Ramadan


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah....I have had a wonderful day
: D

Nope not going back to my hometown Penang yet. Penang is on the cover of the Going Places in flight magazine for Malaysia Airlines. Seeing Penang on the cover made me smile from ear to ear.

Penang map there on the cover : D
But....I almost jumped from my seat when the gentlemen next to me introduced himself as the lyricist for the uber-popular evergreen Raya (Eid) songs! OMG, I have been listening to his Raya songs since I was a kid and I got to meet the lyricist! MashaAllah.

Mr Yusnor Ef wrote many hit Raya songs
sang by Sanisah Huri among others - like the one below.
Imagine Mr Yusnor singing for me several of the hit songs he wrote
and I sang along with him! Oh what joy this season : )
He is also an expert in documentary production, mind you.

Praise be to Allah that I get to once again travel during Ramadan. Two previous unforgettable Ramadan trips were to Rome and Seoul. No matter which city or town you travel to this season, you'll get to see Muslims painting the town Ramadan! 

Post-terawih I decided to "paint the town red" as a 'revenge' cos my iman was challenged at seeing these snacks upon check-in at noon as it was hot and I was hungry. LOL.

Post-terawih: paint the town red with red burger and red chips! LOL

OK folks, more about my trip next time In sha Allah.

Best Regards,

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