Sunday, June 19, 2016

The rest of Ramadan | Allahu Akram


Assalamualaikum folks.

Just a short posting to wish you all the best for the rest of Ramadan. I will be pretty occupied in the coming days/weeks thus I may not be so regular here. On top of the Ramadan routine, I will be extra busy working and travelling bi-iznillah. Still I hope to share anything interesting that's presented in the present, whenever possible.

Sometimes we wait impatiently and nervously for the best moments to happen in the future, forgetting the gift of the present. We need not be too anxious about what will or will not happen. The future need not be so blurry, for it is comprised of only one day - tomorrow. In sha Allah.

Don't forget to make niyyat to fast tomorrow : D

Nawaitu sau maqadin an ada-i fardhi syahri Ramadana ha zihis sanati lillahi taala.

Allahu Akram

Ramadan Trivia
I couldn't resist taking a photo with Makcik Aishah on our second meeting today. She looks a bit like me, no wonder we clicked right from the start : D

Makcik Aishah @ Bazaar Ramadan Kampung Bharu.
She smiles to everyone who offers her a small token
but if you care to spare some time to chat with her,
you'll see tears of joy on her beautiful face.
May Allah grant her sihal wal afiah. Ameen.
Makcik Aishah got excited seeing herself on the phone camera.
She asked: "Apa ni?" [What is this?]
: )
She is from Kedah (a state in the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia). She lives with her husband in a rented room near Chow Kit, neighboring Kampung Bharu.

This is her story during our first meeting last weekend:
"My husband is not well, he has high blood pressure and is resting at home. I too have high blood pressure. Do you know a place with kitchen facilities where I could rent? I can't cook at the room where I am renting. I receive zakat from the authority. We will balik kampung (go back to our hometown) after Raya (Eid) after getting the zakat money."

Her story today - our second meeting:
"Ahhh...where is your mother. [I told her before I wanted to bring my mom to see her]. Where do you live? I have not missed fasting yet [grin]. Unfortunately, my husband, Rahim is not using a mobile phone anymore. [During the first meeting I asked how we could be in touch]."

When I tried to persuade Makcik Aishah to move to a Pondok (Islamic old folks home) in Penang, where she can cook and spend more time attending religious classes, this is her response:
"Oh Penang is not far from my kampung. We decided to move to KL hoping for a better life. My husband used to sell belacan (shrimp paste) but now we don't have a car so he can't do it anymore. Let me ask my husband about living in Pondok."  

If you happen to go to the Bazaar Ramadan at Jalan Raja Alang in Kampung Bharu, do look out for Makcik Aishah. She usually sits somewhere near a Thai Iced Tea stall, about 200 meters from the Bazaar entrance, look to your right.

Pray, we could arrange a better home for Makcik Aishah and her husband, In sha Allah

Ramadan Kareem!

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