Sunday, July 17, 2016

Be Adaptive, Progressive and Religiously Resilient


To be honest, even as I am busy reading and doing research work on one of my projects, my mind keeps lingering on the beautiful Ramadan mornings and evenings spent at Masjid Al Falah near Orchard Road Singapore.

How I wish my present dwelling place is a mere 20 steps away to a modern mosque such as Al Falah, yes as close as the hotel where I was staying. Ahh...someday bi iznillah.

Here are three key messages from the mosque. Excuse me the photos are not so sharp but the messages are pretty darn sharp and smart!

Let us be adaptive!

Let us be progressive!
[No that's not me in the pic]

Let us be religiously resilient!

The Al Falah Mosque in Singapore is sure is visitor-friendly.

Lost & Found notice at Al Falah Mosque
and they even had this message on that screen:
"Thank You for choosing Masjid Al Falah"
I say: The pleasure was all mine : )

Hope you have had a pleasant and productive weekend. I am so very pleased that this is the 100th posting for this year. A little slow this year because we have got a big project to carry out and pray the benefits from that would spread to even bigger audience in sha Allah.

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