Friday, July 1, 2016

From Zing-apore to Penang


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah to have arrived safely in Penang for the Eid festivities.

To be frank, I am feeling a bit disoriented right this moment. I was in Singapore for six days, came back to KL last night and now I am in my fabulous hometown Penang. Praise be to Allah who carries us safely from one place to another so we could see and appreciate His wonderful manifestations and be thankful for it.

Here are some photos taken in Singapore. I had thought very carefully when choosing my hotel in Singapore (SG) this time as I wanted it to be a walking distance to a mosque and preferably in the Orchard Road area. Bingo! Yes there is a mosque near Orchard Road. The good news is that it has been recently refurbished, it's so beautiful inside. There's nothing much to see on the outside as it is not a typical stand alone mosque. What's most important is that you could tell how well managed it is. The lady volunteers for Ramadan even have a custom-made top! The Al-Falah Mosque in Singapore is very impressive indeed. They even published on their FB who the terawih imam would be for the entire Ramadan. The last time I had the same good feeling was when I was in Madinah/Mekah where one could and would walk to the masjid from one's hotel. I am now missing my 6-days routine in Singapore, waking up at 4 a.m to have sahur meal provided by the hotel and then walk to Al-Falah mosque for Subuh prayer. I noticed during Subuh usually as there were not so many people, there were several young men who looked like Caucasian reverts and the Imam even let one of the reverts to recite the iqama (call to prayer). The mosque organizes Qiyamulail during the last ten days of Ramadan starting at around 3.45 a.m. Sahur meals are provided too. Al-Falah Mosque serves as an oasis for travelling Muslims especially in Ramadan.  

Masjid Al-Falah is on Bideford Road, off Orchard Road.
When strolling along Orchard Road, look out for Takashimaya.
Paragon is opposite of Takashimaya, and right next to Paragon is Bideford Road. Al-Falah Mosque is a mere 3 minutes walk from the Takashimaya/Paragon Orchard/Bideford intersection.
Took this pic upon arriving at my hotel (Grand Park Orchard) as I was humbled and grateful thinking how generous the Lord is. I learned from the internet that the mosque was quite near to my hotel but did not realize it's that close. There's another hotel (Holiday Inn Express) which is even closer to Al-Falah mosque but I did not choose that hotel somehow. Thus I was delighted to discover that Grand Park Orchard is just about 20 steps away from the mosque! And the fact that Al-Falah Mosque has just been re-opened last April. MashaAllah. Allah Kareem
Ramadan With Al-Falah
How neat is that? I found the lady volunteers warm and friendly yet they were firm and strict at controlling the crowd if the ladies spent too much time eating or if they talked too loudly. They are a bunch of pleasant professional volunteers.  
My first Iftar experience at Al-Falah Mosque
and it was marvelous delicious! The best mutton ''gearbox" soup I have ever eaten in Singapore.

Here are more photos from my trip. This was my second experience spending Ramadan in Singapore.

Feeling blessed and grateful to be at Maqam Habib Nuh again.
The maqam's caretaker made me feel special. He said he'd just got back from Hadramaut and shared with me a special lesson he learned there on how to recite Yaasin if one has a special hajat.

Arab Street & Masjid Sultan - a must visit place especially in Ramadan.
The Ramadan Bazaar in front of the Sultan Mosque sells yummy food for Iftar. The bazaar may be small in size but you would love the food they sell and would want to come back to SG next Ramadan : D  
Al fresco Iftar at Lau Pa Sat/Boon Tat Street. If you decide to have your iftar here, you could pray Maghrib/Isha/Terawih at a nearby mosque -  Masjid Moulana Ali located at the basement of UOB building.

Could not resist taking a photo with the cutest guy on Orchard Road : D
Heart shaped building with grass on the rooftop
of the School of Art, Design, Media at Nanyang Technological Uni, Singapore. I was here attending a conference. Truly inspiring place and event.
Thank God for my mother.
Thank God for yet another fun and fruitful travel.
Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah
Please don't mind the fonts which came out in varying sizes even though I'd set it all the same. Mr. Font must have missed his sahur. [Me too!] Anyhow it was wonderful to have prayed Terawih at Penang State Mosque last night. I was two saf behind Penang Governor's wife : )

I dare dream of owning a condo within 100-meter radius of Masjid Al-Falah :D
That would be super awesome. Ameen!

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